50X70CM Led Writing Board WB-570
    Publish time 2016-02-16 15:30    
50X70CM Led Writing Board
50X70CM Led Writing Board 

Basic Information:
Full color LED  Writing Board
Model No.: WB-570

Material:Aluminium Frame;Acrylic Panel (Non Breakable & Anti-scratch)
Size: 50X70cm
Accessories: Adapter, Controller Box and Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Main Features:
1) Light up your message with sparkled neon effect.
2) Easy to write, erase and rewrite your message over and over.
3) Simple to change different colors and flash modes by manual button or remote controller. 
4) Durable, portable and energy saving for DIY painting at anytime.
5) Customized frames with your company’s logo are available.
6) Attracts immediate attention at store front window displays, lobbies host stands and bars.

Real Application:

Dinning ( Cafes, restaurants, snack-bars and tearooms ect.)
Entertainment spots (Night clubs,bars,theater and concert ect.)
Retail stores (Supermarkets,chain stores, malls, electronic and fashion shops ect.)
Reception  Notice (company,office,department,meeting room, metro station and airport ect.)
Events (wedding, promotion and birthday parties ect.)
Education (kindergarten, schools and classroom ect.)