OTG Memory Expansion Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s
    Publish time 2016-12-30 18:27    

OTG Memory Expansion Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 6/6s

3-in-1 Multi Function
OTG Memory Expansion 
Wireless Charging
Super Slim Protection Case 

Input Voltage: DC 5V / 2A 
Output Voltage: DC 5V / 1000mA
Charging Frequency: 110-205 KHZ
Charging Efficiency: ≥75%
Charging Distance: 4-10mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy, ABS+PC
Back Case Colors: Black, White
Aluminum Frame Colors: Black, Silver

For: iPhone 6 | iPhone 6s
Model No.: OTG-I6
Size: 142x70x11mm

Selling Bullets:
1: Aluminum alloy frame, premium grade performance.
2: Push and pull design, easy to plug and play.
3: Replaceable TF memory card, 128G max support.
4: Upgrade your iPhone for Qi Wireless Charging function.
5: Patent design for light, ultra-slim and durable protective case.
6: Auto APP download upon iPhone slip into back case, one button APP installation.
7: APP function: Classify to store picture, video, audio, voice and working files,fast access and edit as your wish.
8: APP function: Quick drag and drop video, audio voice files for fast forward, backwards or stop at any time, manual volume adjustment and screen brightness, program on demand.