2 Coils Fast Wireless Chargers Stand with Cooling Fan
    Publish time 2018-10-11 15:42    
2 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Stand with Cooling Fan
Wireless Charging Standard: Qi
Input : 12V 1.5A | 9V 1.8A | 5V 2.0A 
Output : 15W-10W-7.5W-5W
Charging Frequency: 110-205 KHZ
Material: ABS
Charging Efficiency: ≤80%
Charging Distance: 4-10mm
Auto smart match 4 modes: LG Fast wireless charging (15W) & Samsung Fast wireless charging (10W) & iPhone Fast wireless charging (7.5W) & Universal wireless charging (5W)
Color: Black, Silver

1.2 coils for larger charging area, allows vertically or horizontally wireless charging.
2.Built-in cooling fan, cool the phone and wireless charging circuit board.
3.Keeping fast charging speed with lower temperature till battery fully charged. 
4.Bottom button to turn on/off cooling fan.
5.Dual smart LED indicators shows charging status.
6.FOD function, Type-C charging port.
7.Patent design.