The latest release of a cooling magnetic wireless car charger pad

INPUT, a consumer electronics brand, has launched a 2in1 semiconductor cooling, magnetic wireless car charging stand.

INPUT wireless magnetic car bracket specific model WT-Q8, very small, but extremely cost-effective, most cell phone charging now have the use of wireless chargers lead to hot phones, summer is here, this situation is also more common.

Table of Contents

I:Cooling magnetic wireless car charger Excellent cooling effect

WT-Q8 most characteristic selling point is that the latest semiconductor cooling technology (ice-cold but charging), so that your phone is charged without heating!!! (Solve the problem of overheating cell phone charging, reduce cell phone battery damage and extend the life of the cell phone battery) three minutes of power on, there are ice-cold water services emerge, the following is a real picture.

magnetic Wireless Car Charger

II: 15W full speed charging

This car mount has a built-in smart chip that efficiently manages the temperature during charging and enables automatic protection to ensure safe charging. It charges faster compared to standard wireless chargers. Simply place iPhone 14 on the MagSafe car mount and the mount will automatically align the charging coils for fast charging with up to 15W of magnetic power. In addition, the car mount is made of high quality materials and precision manufacturing process, which not only is sturdy and durable, but also looks beautiful and stylish.

III: Super magnetic lock

magnetic wireless car charger Q8

Upgraded 2-layer magnet design, all magnets are arranged in 2 circles to provide wider and stronger magnetic support compared to 1 layer. magsafe car charger has built-in 12X super strong N52 magnets with 6.17lbs/2.8kg stronger support to effectively protect your phone even during high speed turns or bumps. (Only available for original iPhone 12/13/14 series or cases with magnetic safes).

IV: Easy to install and 360° rotation

Q8 wireless car charger

Using the latest hook clip, it solves the common problems of poor compatibility and easy to fall off the mount in the market. You can switch between portrait and landscape with one hand for easy navigation, place your phone at the best angle and enjoy a more relaxed and safer driving experience.

V: Dual-use wireless car charging appliances

cooling magneic wireless car charger

The nut and the exit port clip removed, he is another daily cell phone magnetic wireless charger, the game entertainment both.

VI:compatibility issues

Note that only the following phone models are supported, but there are ways to charge other phones if you want to use the WT-Q8 Cooling magnetic wireless car charger .

Compatible Phone Models

iPhone15/14/14 Pro/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/14 Mini/ 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini /12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini/Magsafe Magnetic CaseiPhone15/14/14 Pro/14 Plus/14 Pro Max/14 Mini/ 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 Mini /12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Mini/Magsafe Magnetic Case

If your phone is not one of the above series, for example, yours is an Android phone, Samsung phone, you can add a matal magnetic ring.

magnetic ring

This Cooling magnetic wireless car charger mount has been officially sold with a 20W high-speed fast charging function, allowing your iPhone 14’s battery to get fully charged in a short time. In addition, you can customize the exclusive logo and packaging according to your branding needs to make your brand more prominent in the market and effectively promote your sales. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality service and the most competitive price, welcome to contact us for the latest quotation and start a successful journey together.

magnetic Wireless Car Charger
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