Are wireless charger worth it

When I first came across wireless chargers, I thought that wireless chargers and wireless car chargers were a product of little value or interest. It was also slow to charge and not cheap compared to cable charging. Wireless charging also heats up my phone, raising concerns about my phone’s safety. However, charging my Xiaomi phone with my original charger took only 0.5 hours to complete a fast 30W charge.

But when I delved into and experienced wireless chargers and wireless car chargers, I changed my mind about them.

Earliest Wireless Charger

The earliest concept of wireless charging transmission comes from the genius “Nikola Tesla” from “tesla” that magnetic field unit named after the person.” Cell phones with wireless charging function maybe when the product development and design to a bottleneck, and then added to find a different advantage selling point – wireless charging cell phones, the first cell phones using wireless Qi charging technology is Nokia, Nexus 5, Nokia, and then Samsung’s Galaxy S5.  Samsung cell phones support wireless Wireless chargers and wireless car chargers opened up a big market in Korea after Samsung phones supported wireless charging.

How to solve the slow wireless phone charging?

In December 2008, Philips Electronics, Texas Instruments, and several other major companies joined forces to form the Wireless Charging Consortium WPC to jointly develop the wireless charging standard Qi, which is by far the most widely distributed and popular wireless charging standard in the world. Because of the unified wireless charging standard, so as long as it supports the QI protocol, the wireless charging function of different manufacturers’ products can be common.

The wireless charger type electromagnetic induction charging, trickle charging is a little slower, and the choice of power has a relationship, but also with the parameters of the phone, cell phone manufacturers are also solving this problem, the domestic flash technology like OPPO is excellent. April 13, OPPO Ace2 online release, the new machine is equipped with 65W wired + 40W wireless fast charging + 10W reverse wireless charging combination, The fastest mass-produced 40W wireless flash charging technology, faster than most of the wired fast charging speed on the market, the wireless fast charging to a new level. As well to Xiaomi cell phones, Samsung, and iPhone also released corresponding support for high-power wireless charging cell phones.

Is it normal for wireless chargers to be hot?

You know, any electronic product as long as the power is on will be hot
Currently, the main scheme of wireless charging is electromagnetic induction type.
Qi standard wireless charging: at the transmitter side, through the inductor (coil), resonant capacitor and control chip together to form an LC oscillation circuit, by oscillating in the frequency range of 110-205kHz, at the receiver side due to the changing magnetic field will generate current, so that can charge the phone.

Therefore, if you do not choose the right components in the circuit, the error of each component will have an impact on the overall performance, too much current consumption on the components will generate too much heat.

A proper wireless charger will have a temperature control circuit, and a thermistor, which will automatically cut off the power when it reaches a certain temperature, or reduce the power, thus reducing the temperature and preventing the components from burning out due to high temperature. input’s wireless charging products are all QI-certified products, so you can buy and use them with confidence.


The charging experience of the iPhone is not good. it requires a very high ambient temperature. when the ambient temperature exceeds 31 ℃, the wireless When the ambient temperature is 28 ℃ and 29 ℃, the charging time is about three If it is below 26 degrees, it may be 2 hours and 50 minutes. Unlike Samsung, it falls in a straight line until it is almost full.

Will wireless charging harm the phone battery?

Wireless fast charging does not shrink the battery life, the biggest advantage of the wireless charging method is to get rid of the data cable, charging with the release, so some users suspect that frequent charging and power off will reduce the life of the phone battery. Nowadays, cell phones use lithium batteries, which have no memory effect (NiMH batteries have a memory effect), so it’s better to keep the lithium battery active by “charging as you go”, i.e. don’t use low power, and don’t charge too full.

 Previously, Apple’s official response to the “downgrade gate” explained that the iPhone’s battery can retain up to 80% of its original storage capacity after 500 full charge cycles and that when the battery’s storage capacity falls below 80%, power consumption will accelerate and performance will be affected. A charge cycle of the phone refers to the battery from fully charged to fully consumed, not the number of charge cycles.

Today’s wireless charger development and design have been applied to various scenarios in life, producing a variety of wireless phone charging products.
As far as I know, there are iPhone wireless chargers, 3 in 1 wireless charger, wireless charger Power Bank, wireless charger AirPods, wireless charger apple watch, apple MagSafe wireless charger, wireless charger car bracket, table lamp with wireless charger, wooden wireless charger gift, the desktop is hidden wireless charging, thermostatic cup wireless charger, folding 3 in 1 wireless charger. Cover the phone wireless charger, wireless car charger magnetic, and wireless car charger cup.

After reading these professional wireless charging knowledge, are the initial misconceptions lifted?

Nowadays, the battery of cell phones is almost exhausted in a dozen hours, fast charging adapter is a must, after all, it is really fast, but often unplugged, plugged into the charging line or some trouble and effort. If you need to charge your Apple Watch and Apple headphones at the same time, it’s a real hassle to find their charging adapters. When you come home tired, you can casually charge your beloved phone, Airpod Iwatch, it’s really an easy and convenient thing.

Here we recommend a mini portable 3 in1 magnetic wireless charger, a charger can be charged for cell phones, headphones, watches, the price is also cheap

3 in 1 magnetic Wireless Charger


Wireless Car Charger is also the same, when the phone opened the map navigation, your phone power consumption is not generally fast, and you need to always look at the phone on the map, and sometimes may need to answer the phone, at this time, your side of an automatic Shen shrinkage intelligent sensing wireless car charger bracket, your journey becomes more relaxed and enjoyable. Following the wireless car charger phone holder,QI Standard certificates, for iPhone series mobile phone Samsung Mobile Phone.

Samsung wireless Charger

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