Is it okay to leave the phone on the wireless charger overnight?​

Is it okay to leave the phone on the wireless charger overnight?

wireless charger overnight

        Most people charge their phones overnight. Not only is the time convenient — you don’t need to use your phone while you sleep! — pretty much everyone has a power outlet right by their bed. Is it okay to leave the phone on the wireless charger overnight? Will it degrade the battery’s lifespan? On this subject, There are many myths surrounding the proper use of phone batteries, how often to charge them, and how to make sure you get the longest lifespan out of them. Unfortunately, a brief internet search often brings up plenty of incorrect or misleading information. We have checked some expert interviews and found some answers for you, which can be used as a basis for reference.

Will it degrade the battery’s lifespan?

         Most likely, leaving the phone charging overnight will degrade the battery’s lifespan, is it correct? The answer to this question is slightly more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”

        It depending on the device, it can be important to only charge a battery for a specific amount of time to avoid overloading and ruining a battery. 

        It depending on the device, it can be important to only charge a battery for a specific amount of time to avoid overloading and ruining a battery.

        Pretty much all modern smartphones require only an hour or two to fully charge up, meaning that if you leave your phone on the wireless charger overnight, the phone will automatically stop charging when it reaches 100%, as the phone keeps dropping back to 99% capacity, the charger will kick in again and recharge it to 100%. It will spend most of those hours sitting at full charge or almost full charge. Your phone repeats this process over and over again when you leave the phone on the charger overnight, heating the battery and prematurely wearing it down, and it’s not good for your battery’s lifespan.

The tips for wireless charger your phone overnight:

       Sometimes, you aren’t near an outlet until you go to sleep, and you have to leave immediately in the morning, so you have no choice except to charge it overnight. However, we’d recommend finding an alternative time when you can charge your phone instead.

       If you need to charge your phone overnight, you should follow these tips to minimize any potential damage:

Charge your phone on a hard, cool surface to avoid it overheating. Avoid placing it under your pillow (or anything that will trap heat). This will prevent extra stress on the battery.

Remove your phone’s case before charging, that will good for heat dispassion.

Keep it away from lights, sunny windows, heaters and other areas that will get hot.

Unplug your phone if you wake up overnight. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and notice that your phone is fully charged, go ahead and take it off the charger so it’s not sitting there all night.

Use the wireless charger produced by the regular manufacturer, and use the manufacturer’s original charging cable, sure it is high-quality, these are purpose-designed for your phone and are less likely to have faults that may damage your battery or cause slow charging. 

Alternatives to charge your phone overnight.

        For instance, you can put the phone on the wireless charger for an hour or two hours before you go to bed and then take it off the charger when you go to sleep. You can also put it on the wireless charger to charge in the morning while you get ready. If neither of those options work, you can even charge your phone in short bursts during the day.

      If you have been charging your phone at night because it’s the only time you can leave the phone on the fast charger long enough for the battery to get to 100 percent, fully charging your phone is not as important as you think. In fact, taking your battery all the way to 100 percent every single time puts extra stress on it and can contribute to that premature aging we were talking about.

       Instead, the lithium ion batteries used in modern-day smartphones do better if you keep them within the 20 to 80 percent zone. Thus, it’s better to charge them in short bursts throughout the day than in one long stint at night. If you near a power outlet during the day, the best way to charge your phone is to charge it whenever you have a chance, charging a little each time, even if it’s just a few minutes, the sporadic time of charging will damage the battery the least. So, a wireless charger can provide peace of mind and give you a quick charge up when necessary. Just put your phone on the wireless charger when you work, and take it off when you need to use it.

     Generally, though, phone batteries will only last for a couple of years anyway – even with the best practice. So, if you occasionally need to charge your phone overnight, don’t worry about it too much.

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