Does iphone 7 have wireless charger

Does Iphone 7 have wireless charger?

No, iPhone 7 has no wireless charging function.
At present, the iPhone 8 and later products have supported the wireless charging function, but for the fruit powder of the handheld iPhone 7, although the battery capacity is a little larger, its design still does not support wireless charging, which is a little pity.
Is there any way to let the iPhone 7 realize wireless charging? The answer is yes. And there are two ways
But they all need external accessories,

Method 1: Wireless charging receiver
You can add wireless charging to iPhone 7 with some key accessories. You need Qi wireless charger and wireless charging receiver or adapter. Qi wireless charger is a plate inserted into the power socket to provide wireless charging connection.

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After placing the phone on the charger for a few seconds, the phone starts charging. You should see the “charging” icon in the status bar. Make sure you have a Qi wireless charger, because other types of wireless chargers may not be compatible with your phone.

It is also important to ensure that there is nothing between the iPhone 7 and the Qi wireless charger. The metal shell or other objects between the mobile phone and the charger may reduce performance or damage the magnetic strip or RFID chip on items such as credit cards, security badges or passports. You should also avoid using boxes containing sensitive items when charging.

If your iPhone 7 does not charge or the charging speed is slow, you can try to remove the phone case or move the phone and charger to a cooler location. You should also ensure that the iPhone 7 is located in the center of the Qi wireless charger or at the location recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, if your iPhone 7 is connected to a computer or USB power adapter, it will use USB connection instead of wireless charging.

Wireless charging is a good way to keep your iPhone 7 battery charged without using cables. With the right accessories, you can easily add wireless charging to iPhone 7.

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