How to choose a wireless charger wholesale manufacturer?

How do retailers or brands choose wireless charger wholesalers?
How to choose a wireless charger wholesale manufacturer?

As more and more people stop using wired chargers and switch to NFC chargers, wireless chargers are quickly becoming the norm. Since NFC is now standard on most phones, it’s easy to see why these wireless chargers have become so popular. Wireless chargers are very practical and easy to carry, and can make messy wireless charging, which is deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad, so the overall market sales are also increasing year by year.

global wireless charger market

According to previous statistics on global wireless chargers, the global wireless charging market will reach US$12.4 billion in 2023.

Nowadays, more and more e-commerce or consumer electronics brands choose mobile phone wireless chargers as their main products to meet the growing market demand and intensify their competitiveness. Customers hope to choose powerful wireless charger wholesale manufacturers for cooperation and cooperation. Custom Development.

So how should retailers and brand owners choose reliable mobile phone wireless charger wholesale manufacturers?

According to customer feedback and the author’s experience in using wireless chargers, we must pay attention to the following three aspects.


1.Product strength of the factory.

Choose wireless chargers produced by major manufacturers

Large-scale wireless charger companies have a set of mature testing solutions for quality, and have their own set of measurement standards and international standards for quality issues, which can well ensure the quality of wireless chargers.

When choosing a wireless mobile phone charger wholesale manufacturer, it is necessary to conduct an on-site inspection or browse online factory videos.

See their finished product samples and comprehensive production capabilities. Whether the production environment and operation are compliant can be said that wireless charger manufacturers vary in size and quality, so you must keep your eyes open.



wireless charger STM mechine

It is necessary to check whether the manufacturer of the wireless mobile phone charger has an STM patch department, an injection molding department for the shell, and whether the R&D, PCB board manufacturing, copper wire board production, and wireless charger assembly are all completed in one company, using It is not a brand chip, whether the wireless charger product has a patent, whether the wireless charger supplier is a member of WAP, and if it is a manufacturer with one-stop service capability, it can save costs from the source.

When we choose mobile phone wireless charger wholesalers, we can focus on some large-scale manufacturers with complete certifications (such as FCC RoHs, QI, KC, BASIC, etc.). These manufacturers not only have good product quality assurance but also have good management systems. relatively perfect.



wireless charger certifaction

2.Professional ability

Choose a wireless charger manufacturer with QI certification or WPC membership. QI is a solution to measure and standardize wireless charger standards. If the wireless charger produced by a wireless charger manufacturer passes QI certification or is a WPC member, it can reduce compatibility issues. BUG, better compatible with smartphones of various wireless charger brands.

To choose the most suitable mobile phone wireless charger wholesale manufacturer, we must also pay attention to whether the manufacturer has professional research and development capabilities and production equipment

3.Factory service

In addition to understanding the real production capacity of wireless charger wholesale manufacturers, they must also have the ability to meet various needs and personalized services, whether they can meet the needs of building a private brand of wireless chargers, customizing LOGO, pictures, and whether they can meet the design of product packaging. Actively work with it. The order is delivered in time, and the shipment is strictly in accordance with the quality requirements.

Whether it is supported to send samples to the buyer for testing. When choosing a wireless charger manufacturer, it is important to pay attention to whether the product supports product warranty or return within 12 months.

4.Avoid finding traders

There are many factories that have no experience in exporting goods, or even have no foreign language ability. At this time, we can easily find traders. On many supplier websites, it is written that they are mainly engaged in wireless charger products, but they It also sells other kinds of products, different categories, and the span is very large, like a grocery store. 

If you want to wholesale wireless chargers, don’t look for a store that sells all products. Most of them are Traders, resale sales must be a single category, for example, only sell wireless charger products, wireless charging accessories, components, and internal coils. Whether the certificate required by the product is the original or forged by picture design software.

5.Export Capability

There are many types of wireless chargers, multi-functional three-in-one wireless chargers, magnetic wireless chargers, and each country has different export standards for these wireless chargers.

 For example, Korean wireless chargers, Must have KC (Korea Certification), KCC certificate, from July 1, 2012, EMC and Safety separate management, all electronic and electrical products applying for Korean certification, for their safety (Safety) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, KC certificate and KCC certificate (new MSIP) must be obtained respectively. There are 2 qualification certification bodies certified by KC: Korea Testing and Testing Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronics (KTC, Korea Testing Certification);

The United States requires FCC certificates. We can see that many electronic products have FCC certification marks in the products on the market. This is a conduction and radiation test for products, which has an important role in the US market. Meaning, FCC certification is an important passport and pass in the US market. Only with this mark can products enter the US market smoothly. Southeast Asian countries require different certificates, so when choosing a supplier, it is necessary to determine whether they have these certificates.

I wish everyone can find good products, good suppliers, good products to save after-sales costs and improve user experience.

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