How wireless charger work in car?

How wireless charger work in  cars?

If you are installing a wireless charger first time, you may be a little confused as to how all these little pieces are organized together and how they are comfortable to use.
In general, the wireless charger your purchase will receive the following accessory.

Wireless car charger accessory

The use of wireless car chargers is as follows


Fix the wireless car charger to a suitable position in the driver’s cab.


Connect the data cable connector of the wireless charger to the cigarette lighter connector of the car, and the other end to the wireless charger.


After fixing the wireless charger, make sure that wireless charger will not slip off.

Two types of wireless charger installation

wireless car charger install

Way 1


1. Place the rotary knob on the clip first, then align the threaded port on the back of the auto-sensing wireless car charger with the round head of the pass clip, tighten the rotary knob, and fix the wireless car charger and the shelf. Press the clip and clip at the vent, this time the wireless car charger is rotatable to adjust the direction.

This is the location of the clip in the car

Way 2

Place the nut upside down on top of the round head of the Telescopic bracket silicone suction cup base, align the threaded port behind the wireless car charger and press it in, tighten the nut, then break the button on the Telescopic bracket silicone suction cup base, choose a good position, press it down and it will be sucked tight. This time the wireless car charger is rotatable to adjust the direction.

360 degree rotation

Way 3

Universal Bracket Car Dashboard Telescopic Long Arm Bracket Silicone Pad Portable Suction Cup Phone Car Holder Base Sucker

Wireless car charger dashboard holder

Support adjustable height, and angle, Silicone base can be cleaned and used repeatedly, It is worth noting that you must press hard to the second gear is really locked and fixed.

It can be attached to the car glass, Car dashboard, and your desk.

Car charger holder position

Next, you may need to use a cigarette lighter car charger to power up your wireless car Charger Mount, Now most data lines are type-c, then will type-c cable plug-in wireless car charger bottom,

At this time, your wireless car charger is connected. Touch or press the wireless car charger base button to automatically retract and clamp or release your phone.

 cigarette lighter  car charger


Information about wireless charging is as follows.

1、Wireless charger also known as non-contact electrical energy transmission, is an application-based new technology, wireless charger has the superiority and convenience of wireless technology.

2, wireless charging works from electromagnetic induction, by using the electromagnetic
induction between a pair of coils to achieve charging, wireless charging products use this technical principle.

3, wireless charging for electronic products is icing on the cake of the new features, the use of wireless charging technology, to solve charger leakage, runaway power, and other safety hazards.

The mobile phone can realize wireless charging only if it supports the Qi standard wireless charging technology (such as Samsung S6 series, S7, S8, note5, Samsung Z Flip 3 5 4, iPhone 12 13  14, etc.);

Older versions of Apple phones do not support the case of QI wireless charging, you can stick a magnetic ring on the back of the phone can achieve the function of wireless charging, and you can search your phone model to see if it has this function.

What kind of car lighter and wireless car charger you choose, such as 45w, 25w and QC3.0, will also affect the charging speed of your mobile phone

Go to the official website to learn more about wireless car charger styles.

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