Is wireless charging bad for battery?

Is wireless charging bad for batteries?

Wireless charging is harmless to your phone’s battery.

We’ll start with wireless charging first. Let’s first look at the principle of wireless charging.

We know that there are four main types of wireless charging: electromagnetic induction, magnetic field resonance, radio waves, and electric field coupling. Currently, most mobile phones use electromagnetic induction for wireless charging. This method is to charge the mobile phone by letting the power supply current flow through the transmitting coil to generate a magnetic field, and then bringing the receiving coil of the mobile phone close to the magnetic field to generate a current. The efficiency of electromagnetic induction is higher than that of magnetic field resonance, so it is widely used in the field of wireless charging of mobile phones.


In 2008, with the establishment of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), electromagnetic induction charging was regulated and the Qi standard was developed, which has since become the most widely distributed and popular wireless charging standard in the world.


In the past, most of the batteries of our mobile phones were nickel-metal hydride batteries, because nickel-metal hydride batteries have a memory effect, it is best to fully charge them after use. But today’s cell phones use lithium batteries. Not only is there no memory effect, but the “small meal” charging method is more conducive to keeping the lithium battery active, which means that you usually don’t wait until the battery is too low to recharge.


Therefore, fast charging not only plays a convenient role in our lives but also better protects our batteries.


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