3 in 1 magnetic wireless charger Pad for iPhone C23 Black

  • Multifunctional design,Mini 3 in 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Pad.
  • Magnetically Adsorbed Smartphone.
  • Device Output Power, Mobile Phone 15W, Headphones 5w, Watch 3W.
  • Phone is fully charged at 3.0H, Watch is fully charged at 2.5H, AirPods are fully charged at 2.0H.
  • Advanced Security Protection: Equipped with FOD (Foreign Object Detection) Function.
  • Private customization We support customized logos and packaging to match your charging board with your brand image.
  • The Watch Charger Can Be Detachable and Plugged Into a Laptop As a Wireless Watch Charger.




Mini 3 in 1 magnetic wireless charger Pad for iPhone C23

1.Multi-functional Design: This circular 3-in-1 magnetic charging pad combines the charging capabilities for smartphones, smartwatches, and earphones, providing users with a convenient charging experience. With just one compact device, you can meet the charging needs of multiple devices, saving space and time.

2.Fast Charging: Equipped with 15W fast charging capability, this charging pad offers efficient charging speeds for your devices. Not only does it meet your daily charging needs, but it also quickly charges your devices in a short amount of time, ensuring your phone, smartwatch, and earphones stay fully charged and ready to use.

3.Advanced Safety Protection: With the FOD (Foreign Object Detection) feature, this charging pad effectively detects and prevents safety hazards caused by foreign objects on the charging surface. This advanced technology ensures stability and safety during the charging process, protecting your devices from issues like overheating and overcharging.

4.Personalized Customization: We support customized logos and packaging, allowing you to perfectly align your charging pad with your brand image. Through personalized customization, you can showcase and enhance your brand value, improve product uniqueness and recognition, and attract more attention from consumers.

5.OEM/ODM Support: As a wireless charger manufacturer with 19 years of experience, we offer OEM/ODM services, allowing you to customize production according to your needs and requirements. You can tailor unique features and designs based on market demands and user feedback, creating your own distinctive product and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

6.Years of Overseas Supply Experience: With extensive experience in supplying to countries such as Japan, South Korea, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, our products have gained certifications and meet international standards.

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3 in 1 magnetic wireless charger C23
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Wholesale products from Input wireless charger manufacturers

Shenzhen INPUT Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Mobile Phone wireless car chargers and wireless chargers with over 18 years of experience. We offer a wide range of products for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, including wireless chargers, wireless car chargers, and more. With a strong technical team and ISO9001 certified quality control, we ensure reliable and high-performance products. Our global presence covers North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. We strive to be your trusted partner for wireless charging solutions.

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Raw Materials Assurance

Ensuring the quality of raw materials is our utmost priority at our company. We have established long-term partnerships with leading suppliers in the industry, ensuring a stable and strong supply chain for USB components. Our wireless charger product adheres to the highest standards by incorporating top-notch raw materials.

For instance, we make use of environmentally friendly TPE materials, standard bare copper or tinned copper wires, USB connectors rated IP-20 for enhanced protection, PCBs consisting of up to 4 layers, and chips that are certified by renowned brands. Through meticulous selection and utilization of these premium raw materials, we guarantee both reliability and performance excellence in our wireless charger.

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Standardized Production

In our continuous pursuit of manufacturing advanced products and enhancing production efficiency, we have made substantial investments in state-of-the-art equipment. As a result, 90% of our product line, including our wireless phone chargers, has been standardized. Furthermore, we have implemented automation in the production of some Wireless Charger.

Our factory operates around the clock, enabling large-scale production and significantly reducing delivery lead times. With this capability, we can meet the demands of our customers promptly and efficiently, ensuring timely delivery of our wireless phone chargers.

Customized Service:


We provide tailored customization options for wireless chargers, including logo packaging, functions, and appearance. Our team works closely with you to create personalized packaging, customize functions, and design an aesthetically pleasing charger that aligns with your brand. Many companies have collaborated with us to design their own wireless chargers that cater to the preferences of their respective market audiences.

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About Input Company

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Yes, welcome to contact us for samples.

 Yes, we have 18+ years of experience in OEM/ODM service.

No MOQ for neutral logo. For customization logo and packaging, it is negotiable.

No, it is compatible with all Qi-enabled mobile phones. Please contact us for applicable devices.

We are a factory integrating R&D and production of wireless charger products with more than 18 years’ experience. Associate member of WPC.

Yes, we accept includes logo, package and color etc. OED and ODM is highly welcomed.

All wireless chargers have QI/FCC ID/CE/ROHS, and all wireless car chargers have KC/QI/FCC ID/CE/ROHS

Yes, we have our own structural, electronic, and professional outlook designers. From the design and development of electronic circuits to production testing, every aspect of the product is integrated.

We have a strict quality control system in our production process, 100% and 5 times inspection for each finished production before package.

Professional services

Professional R&D and design personnel, as well as an experienced and well-trained customer service team, provide you with thoughtful services. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can get effective help and support from Inputcn. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: sales@inputcn.com


Customized Wireless Charger With your file(LOGO/Text/Image)

Additional information


Foldable Magnetic Phone holder 4 in 1 Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger with for Iphone Iwatch Earphone charging




Black, Dark Grey, White





Conversion rate

> 85%

Watch output


Earphone output


Product size

79x 70x 70mm