Recommendations for Best 2023 wireless chargers

From this article you will learn how to pick the most satisfactory wireless charger.

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1.Why do you need a wireless charger?

1、Use your free time to charge, make sure your cell phone is always in a charged state.

2、Don’t want to see all kinds of wires, like a clean and tidy desktop.

3、There are several devices that support wireless charging, and you want to take advantage of the wireless charging function.

As a wireless charger, what are its basic parameters to focus on?

The basic parameters are as follows:
Charging speed, texture and color, type of wireless charger, number of charging devices, heat dissipation, safety, price and so on.

So our main needs are:
1. can charge at any time, charging power is good enough to use
2. To set out, so focus on the function of workmanship texture and face value.
3. Concerned about being able to charge multiple devices at the same time

2. What are the types of wireless chargers

1 .Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless Charger Recommendations for 2023


2 .Wireless Charger Stand

wireless charger stand

Can be charged while playing

3 .Magnetic Wireless Charger

3 in 1 magnetic wireless charger

Apple devices are used more

4. All-in-one Wireless Charger

alarm clock wireless charger

Charges multiple devices and is versatile

5. Wireless Car Charger Mount

C38 主图00

For use in the car, with the cigarette lighter

3. Compare wireless chargers of various brands

recommend of 2023 Wireless Charger

4. Screening of target products according to use

Remember the types mentioned earlier?

Wireless charger Pad, Wireless charger Stand, Magnetic Wireless Charger, All-in-one charger, Car wireless charger

Suggestions: 1. Choose horizontal charger with limited budget, experience the latest technology at the lowest price. 

2、Multi-in-one charger for multiple devices to save space.

3, Apple devices choose magnetic charger.

4, the car with the choice of car wireless charger.

5, other direct vertical charger.

1、Wireless Charger Pad Recommend

(1) Recommended INPUT )The most cost-effective WT-Q2 Wireless Charger Pad 15w power, ABS + PC material, very high value, modern style, but also meet the multi-device charging. Price 9usd

how does wireless charging work

WT-Q2 Wireless Charger Pad

2) Huawei users directly on 199, 27w + active cooling + high-grade feeling = 27.6usd.

(3) The first texture belongs to this one from Belkin, made of stainless steel, 35usd

2、Wireless Charger Stand Recommend

(1)INPUT Wireless Charger Stand Recommended WT-Q6 Wireless Charging Station 3-in-1 Folding Maximize storage space savings. It is the most cost-effective and compatible wireless charging station with its own heat dissipation. It is also the popular style in the market. Only 12usd.


(2)Huawei users are recommended to directly on the CP62R, cheap price

(3)Xiaomi users can choose the charging device according to the maximum power supported by the phone, to avoid gong fee.

3、Magsafe wireless charger Recommend

(1)INPUT WT-C23F High Appearance value, 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charger, single price 7.9usd,Buy one can charge three devices wirelessly and play games without delay. 15W fast charging. Black and white available.

C23 wireless magnetic charger

WT-C23F 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

(2) If you don’t consider the price, you can just buy the official Apple MagSafe wireless charger.

4、All-in-one wireless charger recommended

(1)INPUT’s WT-Q9 multifunctional wireless charger, strong compatibility, for Samsung, Apple watches, headphones wireless charging, but also alarm clock, adjustable light brightness of the night light, but also a pen holder, in the study of the desktop, bedside table are very convenient, external USB port, you can charge two cell phones at the same time, folding design is easy to carry.

wireless charging alarm clock

WT-Q9 All-in-one Wireless Charger

(2)For Apple phones, if you don’t consider the price, you can buy Belkin models, 2-in-1, and multi-in-1, for 105usd-150usd.

5、Wireless Charger Car Mount Recommend

What are the most important parameters to look for in a car wireless charger?
Answer: appearance, safety, charging speed.

Getting rid of plastic-feeling wireless car chargers

Recommended INPUT WT-C18F KC QI certified, 15w fast charging, dual coil design for faster charging, built-in fan cooling to cool down the temperature, the temperature is cooled down, so that is navigating the phone charging faster. Wide range of compatibility,Hot selling worldwide. The price is 11 usd  a pieces.

Cooling fan fast charging

WT-C18F wireless car charger mount

Huawei cell phones, Xiaomi cell phones directly choose the corresponding brand of wireless charging car charger.

Finally, Shenzhen INPUT 19 years of export experience of a wireless charger manufacturer, independent research and development, design, production and sales, production materials, research and development, production and sales of factories are all under one roof, the maximum cost savings in the cost of the product, to be able to provide the best price and to control the quality of the product from the source. The factory has complete certificates.

We have more than one hundred wireless charger models to choose from and more than fifty patents. We can accept large quantity orders and support OEM/ODM service.

Welcome to inquire.

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