What are the types of wireless chargers?

1. Desktop wireless charger

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(1) no wire entanglement, simple and beautiful, looks comfortable, higher quality of life.

(2) do not need to plug and unplug often, that is, put that charge, convenient and fast, so that your phone never lack of power.

(3) do not have to worry about Samsung and Apple connectors are not compatible with the problem, support Q and other standards of wireless chargers can be charged.

(4) there is no charging and answering the risk of electric shock, completely avoiding the safety issue, you can always answer the phone;

(5) let the battery work longer life, because that is put that charge, so that the battery with no shortage of power, battery life longer;

(6) no wired interface, many products can be made into a fully enclosed waterproof products.

 2.car wireless charger

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With the improvement of living standards, people are starting to have their own car, however, when we drive out will encounter some problems,

so we can borrow some other products to make us more convenient, car wireless charger is we drive out to protect the safety of a necessary item.

3. Inlaid wireless charger


Desktop Embedded Wireless Charger – Making the Office More Efficient

When you want to charge your phone during work hours, have you ever worried about the potential safety hazards when you see the various cluttered

power cords under your desk? Are you bored by the fact that you can’t find extra plugs for charging?


Desktop 3 in 1 wireless charger and portable wireless charger for home or travel friends, Charge three devices (phone, Apple headset, Apple Watch) with one mini magnetic wireless charger is a good choice.

Magsafe 3 in 1 wireless charger

Solve the frequency of the traditional data cable constantly plugging and unplugging buckle bad USB also solved the frequency of the traditional charger data cable lost.

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